My visit to Scoonie Hobbie on Friday 25th May
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Thread: My visit to Scoonie Hobbie on Friday 25th May

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    Default My visit to Scoonie Hobbie on Friday 25th May

    I poped into Scoonie Hobbies on Friday the 25th of May to buy some much needed components for my Steam Drifter hull and my King George V Battleship kit. As always with Scoonies they bent over backwards to help in supplying the components I needed and they will not try to sell you something you don't need nor will they try to sell you a prop-shaft that is more expensive just because they have it in stock ( the have new stainless steel shafts in stock but they are about 25% more expensive than the standard brass ones ).

    I bought several cast Resin components ( Seine winch , powerblock head and a steam capstan ) as well as 2 prop shafts and 2 rudders and the prices they have are comparible with any i've seen online. The one thing different to any online buys i've had is that at least with Scoonies you get great after sales back-up , they don't ignore you if you have questions after buying anything from what i've seen.

    The 1/24th Steam Capstan

    Didn't have my camera batteries charged so sorry for the camera phone pics. What isn't clear from the photo's is the detailing on the wooden parts of the hauler which are detailed enough that if you painted a dark brown on them first then dry-brushed a lighter brown you would see the detail clearly.

    Compare the model with the real steam captsan as seen on the Reaper FR958 - Fife sailing drifter museum ship at Anstruther

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