Joseph Roty II processes blue whiting into surimi

Vónin recently delivered a full package of gear to French surimi factory trawler Joseph Roty II, which fishes all year round on blue whiting.

Joseph Roty’s owners, Compagnie des Pêches, opted for a complete package of gear consisting of a fairly modest 1536 Capto trawl, with bridles, codends and a pair of 7 sq metre Tornado trawl doors.

As Joseph Roty operates as a surimi processor, large volumes are not required and 100 tonnes a couple of times a day is enough to keep their production running at full speed.

Rógvi Joensen had agreed to be Vónin’s representative on the first trial trip. Rógvi is familiar with the gear from Vónin on board Danish pelagic Ruth where he sails as mate.

Joseph Roty’s skipper reported that they are very happy with everything, and are fishing with one and a half tonnes less tension on the warps than with their previous gear.

Source: Vónin