The main objective of the acquisition is to boost sales of shrimp, one of Nuevo Pescanova’s key products. Image: Nuevo Pescanova

Nueva Pescanova Group has strengthened its position in South Africa with the acquisition of Unick Fish, a South African company founded in 2008, dedicated to the import and sale of seafood products in South Africa and Namibia.

Unick Fish has a presence in retail, as well as in the food service sector and as a wholesaler with €10 million worth of business going through the company annually. Unick Fish had already been Nuevo Pescanova’s route to the region’s markets as the sole distributor for Nuevo Pescanova’s prawns in South Africa.

Nueva Pescanova has been present in South Africa for 54 years, in both fishing and seafood trading. According to the company, this operation is a natural step aimed at reinforcing the Group's commitment and confidence in the country and in the southern region of Africa.

In addition, group is present in other African countries such as Angola, through Marnova, and where Nuevo Pescanova’s focus is on fishing for red shrimp, white prawn and crab, among other species. The group has well-established fishing, processing and marketing operations especially for hake, as well as for monkfishand other species, and factories in Walvis Bay and Lüderitz

Nuevo Pescanova’s subsidiary Pescamar operates in Mozambique, which is home the largest fishing fleet in the Group with more than 30 vessels, and focused on fishing for various species of shrimp.

Source: Nuevo Pescanova