Argos Cies on the slipway at the Nodosa yard prior to launching

The Nodosa yard at Marín in north-western Spain has launched a new freezer trawler that will join the Falklands fleet later this year.

Argos Cies is being built for the Jupiter Fishing Company, a joint venture between Vigo fishing company Pereira and the Argos Group in the Falklands. The trawler was ordered in 2016 and is due for completion shortly at the Nodosa yard.

The 74 metre LOA by 14 metre breadth Argos Cies has a 3000kW main engine and is designed to operate mainly on loligo squid in Falklands waters

The 1998gt trawler is one of the new generation of Falklands trawlers, following Monteferro, which Nodosa launched last year as this sector of the fleet comes in for long-overdue renewal.

Argos Cies has been designed for low environmental impact and fuel consumption, and incorporates the latest energy saving technology in its on-board systems.

Source: Nodosa