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Thread: Coastal and Fishing Scene website

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    Coastal and Fishing Scene is a website which has photos on Coasters and Fishing Vessels. The site latly has bought a domain which means the address is differant. Have a chat in the chat box, have a discussion in the forums and most of all see and upload photos. in the attachment below is a picture of the site.
    This link:
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    Please only leave this thread , I have removed the other thread you have posted as it is a duplicate.

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    ok i did not know that I had 2 threads the same!!!

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    Why does it say that the name is " Coastal and fishing scene?

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    The site has changed its name latey so it would not get mixxed up with other sites.

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    ok thank you.

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    A quick update on the site the site has just bought a domain and we have a banner for the site. We have also 1100 photos, which is a great site that has only been running for 4 months.

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    Default guys

    cmon join us

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    I think this topic could be deleted and start a new topic becuase it says Coaster Photos.

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    name on the thread changed

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