Gullver’s deck and the new codend. Image: SVN/Rúnar L. Gunnarsson

Síldarvinnslan’s trawler Gullver landed its first trip after the Seamen’s Day break with 67 tonnes of groundfish after a short trip of only two and a half days at sea.

The landing was mainly cod, with some haddock and redfish. According to skipper Thorhallur Jónsson, fishing was good.

‘There was good fishing in the Little Deeps south-east of Hvalbakur,’ he said as Gullver sailed again almost immediately. ‘But we had to keep the trip short as the factory ashore needed raw material.’

Gullver has recently started using a new design of codend developed by Fjarðanet. This is a split four-panel codend that reduces the pressure on the fish, and it is rigged in a new way.

According to Hermann Hrafn Guðmundsson at Fjarðanet in Akureyri, this codend was first used last winter and there are now three trawlers using this.

‘This codend has a unique design and experience with it so far has been outstandingly good,’ he said. ‘I’ve no idea what to call this codend – so it’s probably best to just call it a Unique Codend.’

Source: Síldarvinnslan