Processing pollock at one of RFC’s facilities

The Russian Fishery Company (RFC) plans to start construction of its Russian Pollock fish processing factory this year. The processing capacity of the factory will be capable of processing more 60,000 tonnes of pollock into 25,000 tonnes of high value-added products.

RFC plans to have the Russian Pollock factory in operation in 2020, and it is located at the Nadezhdinskaya Priority Development Territory close to Vladivostok. The factory will be equipped with modern high-tech equipment and that will make it to produce a variety of high-quality fish products. Total investment into the project is planned at the level of $12-15 million

According to the conditions of the investment quota programme, RFC will receive an additional 14,500 tonnes of pollock and herring quota once the Russian Pollock factory is commissioned.

‘The construction of modern on-shore processing facilities will be an important step in the implementation of RFC’s strategy to increase the share of high value-added products in our portfolio,’ said Andrey Teterkin, CEO of Russian Fishery Company.

‘The new factory will ensure the expansion of the company's ability to produce high-quality products from wild white fish, including ready to cook products, meeting RFC’s focus on the entire value chain for the end consumers.’

Source: RFC