Only 32 days have been allocated for this yearís lumpfish fishery

Representatives of Icelandís National Association of Small Boat Owners (NASBO) are watching the development of the spring lumpfish fishery as a disagreement has developed over the number of days available. NASBO had proposed that the fleetís days should be set at 40 for this season, but found that the authorities had limited them to 32.

According to NASBO, fisheries minister KristjŠn Thůr JķlŪusson failed to follow the recommendations of the Marine Research Institute, as the 32 days allocated is not sufficient for the fleet of inshore gill netters that target lumpfish to catch the volume that MRI has recommended as the overall catch for this season. The Institute has recommended that this yearís catch should not exceed 5487 tonnes, which is an 868 tonne reduction over last yearís allocation.

NASBO had proposed 40 days for this yearís fishery, which is in itself a reduction of six days compared to the eventual allowance for last yearís season, so the reduction to only 32 days has come as an unwelcome surprise.

But according to NASBOís reckoning, the 32 days allowed for the fishery are likely to only be enough for around two-thirds of the recommended 5487 tonnes to be caught, representing a significant loss of income for the fishermen as well as a potential loss of markets if production is not available to meet the demand.

Source: NASBO