A report released by World Animal Protection claims that the world’s fifteen largest seafood companies need to step up their game in addressing the problem of lost fishing gear.

The report ranks the fifteen leading companies in five tiers, along with their engagement with the increasingly high profile issue of abandoned, lost or discarded fishing gear (ALDFG).

No seafood companies are listed in the top two tiers as setting best practice or as having ALDFG as an integral part of their business strategy, while three companies, Thai Union, TriMarine and Young’s Seafood, are listed in Tier 3 being established in this field, but with work needing to be done.

Bumble Bee Seafoods and Dongwon are listed under Tier 4 as having the issue on their agenda, while ten prominent fishing companies are listed by World Animal Protection as showing no evidence of having ALDFG on their agenda, placing them in Tier 5.

Of the companies listed, only Young’s Seafood and TriMarine are participants in the Global Ghost Gear Initiative (GGGI)

Source: World Animal Protection