Kap IIĺs crew have moved over to another vessel now that their Greenland halibut season is over

Icelandic company Vinnslust÷­inĺs netter has returned to the Westmann Isands after a successful season fishing off the east of Iceland.

Kap II has been fishing for Greenland halibut off the east coast since the beginning of July, landing 660 tonnes over the season, and operating from Rey­arfj÷r­ur.

Now that the season is over, skipper Kristgeir A Ëlafsson and his crew are switching over to Glˇfaxi, which was bouht laong with its operating company earlier this year by Vinnslust÷­in. Glˇfaxi has now been renamed Sleipnir and will now be netting for cod, saithe and monkfish.

Source: VSV