Craned out to be taken to the yard

The two trawlers approaching Den Oever

On the way to the Luyt yard

Emma and Rein Willem side-by-side at the yard

The hulls of a pair of shrimp trawlers for Dutch owners have arrived at the Luyt yard in Den Oever, where they were craned from the water and transported the short distance to the yard’s workshops for fitting out.

The 24 by 6.40 metre trawlers were ordered by Gerard Kranendonk (Emma WR-12) and Rein van der Burg (Rein Willem WR-212) and are designed by the yard in co-operation with Gaastmeer Design. Delivery of the two new shrimpers is scheduled for February and March next year.

Luyt is the main contractor for the two newbuilds, responsible for the entire process. The yard is supplying the Caterpillar C12 main engines and gensets, as well as the Luyt winches and deck equipment, while working with a number of local subcontractors including Tijsen for the electrical work, Schrier for carpentry, de Greef for plumbing, Wigbout for paintwork, CIV Den Oever for the rigging and Polar for delivery of the icemakers.

Both owners have already sold their previous vessels, with Gerard Kranendonk having sold the previous WR-12, built at Luyt in 2002, to the Bolt family in Zoutkamp, while Rein van der Burg’s WR-212 has been sold to Foppen in Harderwijk.

Source: Luyt Groep