Allister Irvine's new Cleopatra 33

Electronics from Furuno

Spindrift is rigged for netting and handlining

The Doosan main engine

Icelandic boatbuilder Trefjar’s latest delivery is a new Cleopatra 33 delivered to Whalsay owner Allister Irvine.

Spindrift is rigged for netting and handlining, plus it has a mackerel jigging system on board, and Allister Irvine expects to operate the boat year-round from Whalsay.

The new boat is built on classic Trefjar lines, with roomy accommodation forward with bunks for three plus a galley and mess area. The fishroom is amidships with capacity for fifteen 80 litre tubs and the engine space is after, housing the Doosan L086TIM main engine that turns a ZF 286IV reduction gear. Access to the engine space is through the deckhouse aft.

Spindrift has electronics from Furuno as well as a MaxSea plotting system and the autopilot is linked to the side thruster to activate it automatically, helping keep the boat on course when fishing at low speeds.

Source: Trefjar