Toothfish longliner Ile de la Reunion is expected to be delivered to Comata in the summer of 2018

French fishing company Comata has confirmed the order of a new 62.80 metre freezer longliner from Piriou for fishing toothfish in the Southern Ocean.

Designed by Piriou Ingeneriere and due to be built at Piriou’s Vietnamese shipyard, the new Ile de la Reunion is expected to be delivered by the end of summer 2018.

It will be equipped with a diesel-electric propulsion composed of twin 900kW main propulsion systems allowing more flexibility in energy management, a simplified maintenance and fuel savings. Power is generated by a bank of four 780kWe diesel generators.

Designed to operate in first category tropical zones, especially in the Indian Ocean, as well as in the southern subpolar region up to a latitude under 60°S, Ile de la Reunion is ICE 1C classified.

In order to be able to operate in zero discard areas, this latest generation longliner is also equipped with a treatment plant for fishing waste, which is minced and stored in two dedicated tanks with a 95 cubic metre total capacity.

With this order, Comata and the Scapêche group reaffirm their confidence in the yard, based on close to twenty years of co-operation, including the construction of three 46 metre trawlers between 2003 and 2005 and the 55.45m longliner Ile de la Reunion built in 2002.

‘We are proud and delighted to continue a longstanding collaboration with Comata and the Scapêche group,’ said Pirou CEO Vincent Faujour.
‘With this new last generation longliner, we continue to support our customers in renewing their fleet for toothfish fishing in the EEZs of the French Austral and Antarctic Territories.’

Ile de la Reunion will have a 700 cubic metre fishroom refrigerated to -25°C, a 95 cubic metre by-product storage capacity and a daily freezing capacity of 4 tonnes per day.

Source: Piriou