French fishing company Armement Cherbourgeois is expecting its first new trawler to be delivered in September this year by the Socarenam yard on Boulogne, and the company has already placed an order for a sister vessel.

The new Maribelese is due to be delivered later this year and is an addition to the company’s current trawlers Marie-Catherine and Maranatha II. The company is run by Sophie and David Leroy, with their trawlers operating from Cherbourg.

With a delivery date in 2018, the second new 22.50 metre trawler will replace Marie-Catherine, which will be sold out of the EU, allowing its fishing rights and licences to be transferred to the newbuild.

According to the company, Marie-Catherine is a well-maintained and comfortable trawler that was built in 1986, but is not equal to the demands of today’s fishing industry and the replacement will be a more economical vessel to run.

Armement Cherbourgeois describes the decision to invest in its two new vessels as a significant gesture of confidence in the future of the fishing industry.