The new Norwegian factory trawler Granit is about to be delivered to owners Halstensen Granit AS and the company went to Vónin for a package of fishing gear for both whitefish and shrimp.

Built at Tersan in Turkey to a Skipsteknisk ST-117 design, the 81.20 metre LOA by 16.60 metre beam Granit is supplied with a pair of Vónin’s 740 mesh Bacalao trawls made in high-strength, low-drag Fortis netting for targeting whitefish. The trawls are rigged on rockhopper footropes.

Granit is built to tow three trawls at once and this method is to be used for shrimp trawling, with the gear spread using a pair of Vónin’s new Storm demersal trawl doors with a 16 square metre surface area.

Granit has three of the company’s 3200 mesh Vónin 2014 shrimp trawls, each delivered complete with a shrimp codend, a sorting grid and mounted on a rockhopper footrope. Vónin also supplied a comprehensive inventory of spare netting with the complete trawls.

One of the latest generation of sophisticated factory trawlers for the Norwegian fleet, Granit has a 6960kW main engine driving a 4200mm diameter CPP propeller. Granit replaces an older vessel of the same name that was built in 1989 and which is now fishing as the San Granit in New Zealand.

Source: Vónin