Ađalsteinn Jónsson II was originally M Ytterstad

Ađalsteinn Jónsson II has been sold to Greenland

Qavak is expected to go to Eskja in part exchange

Icelandic fishing company Eskja has sold its pelagic factory vessel to new owners in Greenland as part of its restructuring towards shore-based processing.

Last year the company acquired the Norwegian RSW pelagic vessel Libas following its extensive investment in a new shore-based processing plant for pelagic species in Eskifjörđur.

The pelagic processor vessel Ađalsteinn Jónsson (currently Ađalsteinn Jónsson II) was built as M Ytterstad in Norway in 2001.

It has been for sale for some time and has now been sold to Greenlandic company Arctic Prime Fisheries, which is part owned by Brim in Iceland.

Arctic Prime’s RSW pelagic vessel Qavak is expected to go to Eskja as part of the deal.

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