Remøy was escorted to Murmansk

A Norwegian shrimp is currently at anchor in Murmansk after being escorted there by Russian Coastguards following a routine inspection at sea last week.

Remøy is one of the Norwegian trawlers licensed to fish for the 4000 tonne quota Norway has in Russian waters, and was at the end of its trip when the inspection took place on the borderline between Russian and Norwegian Barents Sea areas.

According to operations manager and co-owner Olav Remøy of Fosnavåg-based owners Remøy Havfiske, efforts are being made to rectify an error in Remøy’s licence, with details that need to be clarified.

Remøy and its 17 crew are currently in Murmansk and there has been no formal arrest over the matter, which appears to be over a paperwork formality.

‘We trust that the Norwegian authorities are doing what they can to resolve the matter as quickly as possible,’ said Olav Remøy.

Source: Fiskebåt