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  1. Sticky: Bill Cash ‏ @BillCashMP This letter in the...

    Bill Cash
    ‏ @BillCashMP

    This letter in the Telegraph has undisputed legal authority. It demolishes the mischief-making which has been generated over Article 24 of the GATT agreement.
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    Fines for hiding bass in the bin
    Hiding a catch of sea bass in a public bin on Hastings beach led to a fine for...
  3. Fisheries APPG highlights need for joined-up action on seafood careers
    The All Party Parliamentary Group on...
  4. Top salmon producer opts for latest innovation in cage cleaning technology
    Mowi in Ireland have opted for cage...
  5. New Lerwick pelagic trawler Adenia taking shape
  6. RNLI tackles Peterhead 'crew issue' with new training plan
  7. Essex estuary home of oyster restoration bid
  8. Sticky: View Post

    James Portus
    2 hrs ·

    I’m looking forward to 2nd July. That’s the date when the UK 12 miles limit becomes exclusively British and we withdraw from the London Fisheries Convention 1964! Taking back...
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    Trawlermen Celebs at sea

    Starts on C5 on Monday 27th June at 9pm
  10. EU and Guinea Bissau sign sustainable fishing partnership agreement protocol
    The EU and Guinea...
  11. Scientists recommend reduced Barents Sea cod quota,but increases for haddock & Saithe
    The recommendation is for...
  12. Norway : Industry asks for increased snow crab quota
    Fiskebåt has requested a 1000 tonne...
  13. Sinking fishing vessel sparks major rescue operation off Margate
  14. Seven foot, 300 pound shark caught off coast of west Cork
  15. Isle Of Man Seabird Populations Plummet As Wind Farms Overwhelm The Irish Sea
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    Tank trip showcases new trawls
    More than 55 skippers and fleet managers attended Vónin’s flume tank session....
  17. Unexploded torpedo found in Scapa Flow
  18. New Zealand : The very rocky future of Taranaki's inshore fishing industry
  19. Mermaid brings new diesel engine range to UK market
    Mermaid Marine are introducing a range of engines manufactured...
  20. Thread: Resqunit

    by Davie Tait

  21. Rockall dispute: Iceland stakes claim to fishing waters
  22. Shetland fishermen back Drive to Combat Heart Disease
    Heart Research UK chief executive...
  23. Split codend makes all the difference
    Bolungarvík trawler Sirrý has switched to Hampiðjan split codends rigged on...
  24. Three new pelagic trawlers for Shetland
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