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  1. Norway : Technology meets tradition in innovative seine netter
    20.99 metre seine netter Ben Hur has been built by...
  2. Coastal communities left terrified as Brexit cloud looms over Irish fishermen
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  4. Fishermen March To 'Save Jersey Waters'
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  6. Sticky: Sturgeon snub: How Supreme Court declared...

    Sturgeon snub: How Supreme Court declared ‘Scotland has no fishing power’
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    Norway : New Malo Sjark heads north
    Hevrøy has been delivered by Jemar...
  8. Iceland : Bleak outlook for Icelandic capelin season
    Capelin distribution across the north of Iceland...
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    The KFO has welcomed Michel Barnier’s commitment...
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    Heavy weather hits Iceland
    Smáey heading in to the Westman Islands. Image: Síldarvinnslan/Guðmundur...
  11. USA : Coronavirus Hitting South Florida Lobster Industry Hard
  12. Fishing boat captain goes out to salvage his boat after crew is rescued by the Coast
  13. After 2017 Lawsuit, Fewer Whales Entangled As Crab Fishers Face Financial Struggle
  14. Russia : Five crabber contract for Russian yard
    The series of 62 metre crabbers has been ordered from the Krasnoe Sormovo...
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    Shetland Fishermen’s...
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  17. How AI is identifying illegal trawlers in Africa
  18. Calls to stop dredging of the seabed as herring fight for survival
  19. Royal Greenland halibut initiative means year-round employment
    Royal Greenland’s Paamiut factory can now...
  20. EU : Drone surveillance to enhance fisheries control
    Drones are being phased in to support fisheries monitoring....
  21. Watchet harbour wall battered by Storm Ciara
  22. Stormy seas blast hole through Newquay promenade
  23. Live updates as ship loses ten containers in storm force winds off Cornwall coast
  24. Sticky: Brexit WAR: Spain joins forces with France and...

    Brexit WAR: Spain joins forces with France and Denmark in bitter bid to seize UK waters
  25. Cockle 'transplant' could let Solway beds reopen
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