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    Iceland's seine netters have been vindicated by a government report on seine...
  2. Russia : Round-the-world delivery trip
    Leninets is the first of three new...
  3. Man missing overnight after two rescued in Firth of Clyde
  4. Canada / USA : Tracking the mysterious underwater migration of female lobsters
  5. Greenland : Royal Greenland takes delivery of Avataq
    Avataq is expected...
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    Scottish and Norwegian fisheries ministers Fergus Ewing and...
  7. Appeal launched to bring back beauty of historic fishing boat as she returns to Fife
  8. Canada : This fight is over, but former FISH-NL president is not done yet
  9. ICES advises more than double 2020 Barents Sea shrimp quota
    ICES has advised that Barents Sea shrimp catches can...
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    The Iceland Ocean Cluster’s vision of the country’s future fisheries...
  11. Memorial service is being held in Caithness for 13 victims of 1958 trawler disaster
  12. New Charisma shines before heading for shakedown trip
  13. Fishing boats add to Wick memorial fundraising effort
  14. Research finds marine seismic surveys significantly increase mortality in scallops
  15. Sticky: Fishing industry boss claims Tories do not have...

    Fishing industry boss claims Tories do not have ‘credible vision’ for future of sector
  16. Thread: Dillon Owen

    by Davie Tait

    They lifted her this week , she's on a barge now...

    They lifted her this week , she's on a barge now and she's going to be taken to Port Glasgow ( or that area ) to be scrapped
  17. Longliner for Iceland delivered by Gdansk yard
    Longliner Páll Jónsson leaving...
  18. Sustainable cockles from Thames Estuary in 2020
    Fourteen licensed vessels take part in the Thames Estuary...
  19. Underwater 'Ben Nevis' an important sponges habitat
  20. North-east man George Mackintosh lands top fish role
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    Canada : Standing up for our fishery
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    Work is underway to lift Bukhta Nadzdnik,...
  23. Guinea : Fishing community evicted for hotel expansion
    Men and women affected by the eviction have been sleeping in...
  24. USA : Sinking: Captain Decided Not to Return to Port Despite Forecast
  25. Strong population increase demonstrates health of sole stock

    ‘We are delighted with the positive news of the...
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