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    Newlyn twin-rigger Crystal Sea has been built at Macduff for the Stevens family. Image:...
  2. USA : Head-on grader breaks new ground for Gulf shrimpers
    A new head-on shrimp grader designed by...
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    Minister Edwin Poots with Ben Collier during his...
  4. Isle of Man : Safety training and equipment saved lives

    Whenever it is safe please always wear a PFD
  5. Namibia : Hangana fishing vessel sinks

    This is the ex-Peterhead Resplendent PD225 , looks like one man lost sadly
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    The arrogant arseholes that wrote that slur along with the bosses who have...
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    EU budget panic: £191billion Brexit black hole sparks row among divided nations
  8. Sticky: Immigration: No visas for low-skilled workers,...

    Immigration: No visas for low-skilled workers, government says

    Time to get writing to all the MP's , the Fishing industry IS a highly skilled...
  9. Norway : New Halstensen pelagic vessel heading for blue whiting
    Slaatterøy at the quayside in Bekkjarvik. Image:...
  10. Ecuador approves National Tuna Action Plan
    Ecuador is the main tuna producer in the Eastern Pacific and the...
  11. Lobster fisherman hopes to survive impact of coronavirus, rising costs, with help...

    Lobster fisherman hopes to survive impact of coronavirus, rising costs, with help from local fans
  12. Prime Seafoods: Job fears as fish processing company closes
  13. Israeli surveillance drones in trial to monitor UK waters
  14. New fish market handed over to council
  15. Sticky: Brexit fishing victory: Huge sign Boris Johnson...

    Brexit fishing victory: Huge sign Boris Johnson WILL stand up to EU over UK waters
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    Vard will deliver the new trawler to Nergård Havfiske in early 2022....
  17. Spain : Marco innovation on board Calvo Group purse seiner
    TH Company is supplying Calvo Group’s new purse...
  18. USA : Annual blessing of the fleet performed for Fort Myers Beach shrimpers, boats
  19. USA : Dispatches: Life on an Alaskan Crab Boat
  20. Netherlands : Encircling gill net recognised as selective
    The encircling gill net...
  21. First steps in regulating Arctic fisheries
    The Agreement to Prevent Unregulated High Seas Fisheries...
  22. Norway : Technology meets tradition in innovative seine netter
    20.99 metre seine netter Ben Hur has been built by...
  23. Coastal communities left terrified as Brexit cloud looms over Irish fishermen
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  25. Fishermen March To 'Save Jersey Waters'
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