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  2. Belgium : Belgian beamer owners choose Luyt winches
    Z-39 is one of the new beamers for Belgian owners to be...
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    Landing volumes at the port of Murmansk were down...
  4. Fishing boat rescued after taking on water in rough weather
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    Cougar cat for Hirtshals
    Famous Grouse has been delivered to Hirtshals fishermen Lars Hejlesen and...
  6. Icelandic companies halt merger talks
    One of VŪsirís longliners docked in GrindavŪk alongside two ThorbjŲrn...
  7. Rare olive ridley turtle found injured off Seaford beach
  8. Memorial service to remember Fraserburgh lifeboat disaster
  9. New exhibitors sign up to Scottish Skipper Expo
    The new-look Scottish Skipper Show...
  10. Iceland : Samherji to implement corporate governance and compliance
    Samherji is based in the northern Icelandic...
  11. USA : N.H. Lobstermen Lament Coming Regulations To Prevent Right Whale Entanglements
  12. Iceland examines industry cross-ownership
    A working group appointed by Icelandís Minister of Fisheries has...
  13. Norway : Aas Mek awards contract for wellboat pumps

    Aas Mekaniske Verksted has awarded PG Flow Solutions a contract to...
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    Scots-Norwegian polar winter study
  15. Usa : Drunken assault at sea nets federal prison sentence
  16. Cork lifeboat crew to be honoured with first RNLI gallantry award in 10 years
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  18. France : Piriou delivers longliners to Noumea
    New longliners Iaai, Nengone and Paici-Cemuhi were shipped to...
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    All of the fish boxes in use in northern Jutland...
  20. Scottish tests of 'whale-friendly' fishing creels
  21. Why are Chinese fishermen finding so many 'submarine spies'?
  22. Fisheries management is working, global analysis shows
    The project builds on a decade-long international...
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    The Kesšlahti winter seine fishery in Finland is...
  24. Australia : Kangaroo Island crayfish farm sold to Chinese investors
  25. New Zealand : Commercial operators snapped by MPI for fishy business
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