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    Don’t fall for the EU spin that ceding access to fishing grounds will be the price of a trade deal
  2. Active fishermen join inshore fisheries steering group
    Six working fishermen from around the UK have joined the...
  3. Fishermen to be given huge reusable sacks to haul in litter found at sea
  4. Australia : Virus outbreak in China triggers Tasmanian lobster lockout
  5. USA : Florida Man Sentenced for Killing Endangered Sawfish
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  7. Sticky: Macron turns screw on Britain with outrageous...

    Macron turns screw on Britain with outrageous demand for 25-year access to UK waters
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    Hirtshals is Denmark’s top port for seafood

    With a total value of...
  9. Spanish fishing industry discusses Brexit scenarios with government
    The Spanish fleet lands around 9000 tonnes...
  10. Canada : Innovative New Brunswick-made fishing boat talk of trade show
  11. Sticky: SFF @sff_uk Good to talk to government...

    Good to talk to government ministers at @10DowningStreet
    Burns Supper about forthcoming negotiations and pressing the case for sovereignty of UK waters, followed by annual...
  12. Sticky: UK has ‘insufficient ships’ to protect fisheries...

    UK has ‘insufficient ships’ to protect fisheries after Brexit

    I've said for a few years now that the...
  13. Can Fisheries and offshore Wind Farms Coexist?
    European fishermen are calling for a freeze on development of...
  14. Norway : Rimfrost scores another legal victory
    A case brought by Rimfrost in the US has resulted in a number of Aker...
  15. Ireland : Election 2020: Survival of fishing industry on Doherty's agenda
  16. USA : Two fishermen found dead after boat sinks off Maine coast
  17. Sticky: Brexit deal becomes UK law, paving way for EU...

    Brexit deal becomes UK law, paving way for EU departure next week
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    New longliner arrives in Iceland
    Páll Jónsson has been designed by Navís and built at Alkor in Poland for...
  19. Spain : New Pescanova trawler sails for Mozambique
    Ponta Matirre has been built by Astilleros Armon for Nueva...
  20. Fishing safety legislation ILO 188 - MCA supports industry compliance
  21. The following "story" is an absolute load of unadulterated bollocks

    A CODYSSEY Fresh fish caught off Britain goes on 10,000-MILE round trip before being sold in UK supermarkets
  22. Home by the Sea - Can fisheries and wind farms co-exist?
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    The Brexit bill has passed and will now get Royal Assent , we leave as 2300hrs on the 31st of January
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    (L-R) Steven Gaulder, Sutton Harbour...
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