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    Annalijdia LT-43: against the odds
    Annalijdia LT-43 has been built at TB Shipyards for the van Duijn family in Katwijk....
  2. Spanish tech company collects nets for recycling
    Satcomms specialist Satlink has supported the collection of more...
  3. IVMS implementation paused for English fleet
    The MMO has paused the implementation of IVMS for the English under 12...
  4. Landmark ruling: jail terms and fines for eel smugglers
    SEPRONA investigations have resulted in heavy penalties for...
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    Sticky: Brussels Takes Stock of Landing Obligation ...

    Brussels Takes Stock of Landing Obligation
  6. Atlantic Ocean 'running out of breath'
  7. Advances and renewed commitments at Mediterranean conference
    MedFish4Ever has already changed the way fisheries are...
  8. Icelandic pair lengthened and refitted
    Sister vessels Skinney and Thórir have returned to Iceland following...
  9. Saving sharks: One woman's mission to protect the hammerhead
  10. Illegal eel exporters exposed by Countryfile
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    Vísir is installing Marel RoboBatchers at its Grindavík...
  12. Under 10 catch recording starts this summer
    Phased introduction of catch recording for the English and Welsh...
  13. Acoustic innovation could single out target tuna species
    ISSF has sponsored research into identifying the...
  14. Fraserburgh lifeboat crew help stricken trawler
  15. USA : What about Carlos Rafael , his permits and his boats ?
  16. Recreational fishing on a commercial or industrial like level... is it acceptable??

    These pictures might just seem like a couple of guys enjoying a few leisurely hours at sea with a couple of fishing rods?

  17. Sticky: Busted! Brussels admits there's NO WAY to force...

    Busted! Brussels admits there's NO WAY to force UK to cough up £39bn Brexit bill
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    Síldarvinnslan’s trawler Gullver had its best month ever in May...
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    IPNLF: No time to waste
    A plan is needed to allow the yellowfin population to recover,...
  20. Michel Roux picks Riley's Fish Shack to feature amongst country's top spots...

    Michel Roux picks Riley's Fish Shack to feature amongst country's top spots for seafood
  21. Canada : Uncontrolled Seal Population Biggest Threat to Declining Gulf Cod Stock
  22. Sweden : MacArtney Lobster Monitoring Tech for SLU
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    Sticky: Landing Obligation Forum ...

    Landing Obligation Forum
  24. Fishermen are the original marine conservationists
  25. Mediterranean fisheries need faster, bold action
    Important progress has been made, but there is still much...
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