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  1. Sticky: Fishing industry seeks support for December 2020...

    Fishing industry seeks support for December 2020 CFP exit
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    Old nets donated to charity causes
    Grateful picked up nets in Shetland for Willie Whyte’s Oor Bairns...
  3. Freezer trawlers: no effect on French fisheries
    Margiris is one of the pelagic freezer trawlers operating in...
  4. Isle of Man marine laboratory site redevelopment given the go-ahead
  5. Rescue 115 airlifts injured man from trawler over 150km off Co Clare coast
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    Anders Nees L-426 alongside in Thyborøn. Image: Fiskerforum

  7. Steps towards a new Mediterranean and Black Sea fishing governance and protection
    The recommendations and resolutions...
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    Sticky: Industry asks for sensible measures in...

    Industry asks for sensible measures in establishing MPAs
  9. Two men rescued by helicopter after boat hits rocks
  10. Stop sinking ships:New minister plans to give illegal vessels to Indonesian fishermen
  11. Trawler freed from rocks near Lerwick

    Photos I've seen online look like she isn't that badly damaged , was under tow before 2pm back to Lerwick
  12. Newlyn Harbour 'industrial accident': Man dies on fishing boat

    An absolute tragedy , RIP
  13. Greenland : Fishing companies donate simulator to training institute
    Nine fishing companies in Greenland have...
  14. Iceland : Four lifted to safety from grounded fishing vessel n-copy.jpg
    Four crew...
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    Atlantic Sapphire finance director Karl...
  16. Drowned fisherman was not wearing flotation device, says MAIB
  17. Samherji CEO steps aside in bribery scandal ...

    Samherji CEO steps aside in bribery scandal
  18. Denmark : New Ruth ordered from Karstensen
    The new Ruth is scheduled to be delivered in June 2021. Image:...
  19. Isle of Man : Port St Mary: New book delves into Manx fishing village history
  20. Charting new waters aboard the Nellie Row will all-female crew this lobster season
  21. Plastic substitute from fish waste hauls in Dyson award for UK designer
  22. New Scalloway fish market to be finished before Christmas
  23. Conflicted Norwegian proposals for NEAFC ban on combination shrimp gear
    A haul of clean shrimp. Image: NOAA

  24. Fishrot Files - Part 1 ...

    Fishrot Files - Part 1
  25. Iceland : Samherji hit by storm of bribery allegations
    Icelandic fisheries group Samherji is...
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