View Full Version : Editing posts

19th October 2008, 19:56
How do I edit some of the photos I posted, as I got the names wrong.

19th October 2008, 19:58
Look at the collection of icons below the photo , the bottom left hand one ( edit photo comes up when the mouse pointer is over it ) is the one you click on. This allows you to change any of the details or delete a photo

23rd February 2009, 22:27
where are these icons i cant seem to find them on my pic

Davie Tait
23rd February 2009, 23:03
The system has been changed now Pioneer , if you look at the top right corner of the photo you will see "Photo Options" , click on that and select Edit Photo and that will let you change any details or delete the photo if thats what you want. I am going to rewrite the gallery guidance when I get a chance

21st June 2009, 00:12
jaysus now if click on photo options nd it just scrolls down de page nd my friend is cryin dere cos i put up a pic of him fairly annoyin :P