View Full Version : 69,000 tonne season

Davie Tait
8th November 2016, 15:35

Neskaupstaður company Síldarvinnslan has had a busy few months since the start of the mackerel season in mid-July. This season’s landings have totalled close to 69,000 tonnes.

The season started strongly on mackerel before the focus shifted gradually to Atlanto-Scandian herring, and finally to Icelandic summer-spawning herring as Börkur has landed a total of 15,238 tonnes, Beitir has been marginally ahead with 15,302 tonnes and Bjarni Olafsson has landed 7722 tonnes to Síldarvinnslan’s Neskaupstaður factory.

In addition to RSW landings, 22,678 tonnes of frozen pelagic fish has been landed to the company’s cold stores by freezer vessels Vilhelm Thorsteinsson, Hákon and Kristina, as well as Greenlandic pelagic vessel Polar Amaroq. On top of their frozen production, these vessels landed 7970 tonnes of processing waste and graded-out fish, bringing the season’s total to 68,910 tonnes landed at Neskaupstaður.

Source: Síldarvinnslan