View Full Version : Refit and equipment swap

Davie Tait
31st August 2016, 16:28


Síldarvinnslan’s trawler Barđi sailed at the weekend for Akureyri where it is due to be refitted at the Slippstödinn yard.

The company’s freezer trawler Blćngur returned recently from an extensive refit in Poland and is also at the Akureyri yard for its factory deck to be installed. With the two trawlers docked side-by-side, Barđi’s freezers are to be transferred to Blćngur, which is being refitted for palletised cargo in its refrigerated fishroom. Other fish handling and processing equipment is ready to be installed on Blćngur’s processing deck.

Barđi is to be fitted out to operate as a fresher trawler and icemakers are being installed. Barđi is expected to be ready to start fishing in its new role as fresher trawler at the end of September.

As well as operating as a freezer, Blćngur will also be able to store some catches boxed in ice to be landed fresh. Blćngur is scheduled to be ready for sea in late October.

Síldavinnslan has made extensively re-organised its fleet, with veteran fresher trawler Bjartur sold and now on its way to Iran. Bjartur’s crew are switching to Barđi, while Barđi’s crew are moving across to Blćngur.

Source: Síldarvinnslan