View Full Version : Vyborg to build for Arkhangelsk Trawl Fleet

Davie Tait
6th April 2016, 16:16

An agreement between the Vyborg Shipyard and Murmansk operator was signed at a recent forum held in the city to discuss option for renewing Russia’s fishing fleet.

Deputy Minister of Agriculture and head of Russian Federal Fisheries Agency Ilya Shestakov and the Governor of the Murmansk Region Marina Kovtun were present as General Director of Vyborg Shipyard Alexander Solovyev and CEO of Arkhangelsk Trawl Fleet Sergey Nesvetov signed the agreement for four ST116XL trawlers to be completed.

These are to have handling capacity for approximately 100 tonnes of fish per day and will have 375 cubic metre refrigerated fishrooms for processed catches.

The allocation of investment quotas under a state support scheme for the newbuildings is a condition of the newbuilding contracts.

Vyborg Shipyard is also building a new vessel for another Murmansk company, Nord-Pilgrim.

Source: Vyborg Shipyard