View Full Version : Iceland increases blue whiting quota

Davie Tait
5th April 2016, 18:32

Icelandís Ministry of Industries and Innovation has announced a 30% increase in this yearís blue whiting quota.

The Ministry, which presides over both fisheries and agriculture, has announced an increase in the quota of 39,000 tonnes to a TAC of 163,570 tonnes of blue whiting this year.

According to a Ministry statement, the initial quota announced earlier this year was based on the proviso that ICES advice in setting blue whiting quotas would be followed by the other coastal nations and that the proportional division of the fishery between the European Union, Iceland, Norway and the Faroe Islands, including allowances for Greenland and Russia, would remain unchanged.

ĎNow that the other coastal statesí decisions on the 2016 quotas being in excess of ICES advice has bene made clear. Icelandís decision to increase its quota is in line with this,í said a Ministry statement.

Source: MII