View Full Version : Gdansk fishermen in protest

Davie Tait
30th March 2016, 15:35


More than fifty fishing vessels yesterday made a mass appearance across the Gulf of Gdansk, protesting at new regulations that could severely reduce their fishing opportunities.

The controversial new regulations would extend the thee-mile exclusion for boats over 12 metres to six miles. Fishing vessels from Władysławow, Hel, Jastarnia, Górek Zachodnich and Górek Wschodnich took part in yesterday’s protest, with fishermen commenting that for many of them, this change in regulations would put them out of business. The protest is seen as a warning and blockading ports would be the next step in making their dissatisfaction known.

The proposed measures are to protect juvenile fish in shallow waters, while fishermen believe the restriction is unnecessary. Negotiations with the Ministry of Maritime Affairs are continuing.

The fleet of protestors sailed from Hel to Gdynia, then to Gdansk and back to Hel, with representatives of fishermen’s associations and POs on board.

Source: Fiskerforum