View Full Version : Blue whiting fleet S-W of St Kilda

Davie Tait
22nd March 2016, 16:38

Norwegian pelagic vessels have been fishing south-west of St Kilda and 25 Norwegian and one Faroese vessels have landed 42,200 tonnes in the last week.

Sildelaget reports that fishing started last week outside the Porcupine Bank area with patchy fishing; some good catching for an hourís tow to almost nothing in the next tow. The fleet shifted to grounds north of the Irish Box south of the Hebrides with Endre DyrÝy doing well there to start with, and followed by the rest of the fleet. According to Sildelaget, fishing is expected to improve as the blue whiting tend to migrate into this area from the south-west.

Landings went to plants in Denmark and Norway, fetching good prices, and sixteen of the Norwegian boats have now finished their blue whiting quotas. Lower landings are expected next week, due to some boats expected to stay tied up over Easter before heading back towards St Kilda.

Norwegian and Danish fishmeal plants have announced that reception and production will be maintained over Easter.


Source: Sildelaget