View Full Version : Varšin Pelagic expands into surimi

Davie Tait
14th March 2016, 17:22

Faroese pelagic fishing and processing company Varšin Pelagic expects to extend its factory in Tvųroyri this year, focusing on the blue whiting fishery in Faroese waters.

The factory was built in 2012 and the company controversially departed from its base in Gųta and the expectation that the factory would be located in Fuglafjöršur,the pelagic capital of the Faroe Islands, taking the decision to place it instead on the island of Sušuroy where it has become a significant employer in a region that had seen a steady stream of emigration to other parts of the Faroes and beyond. This has now stabilised and the Varšin Pelagic factory processed 30,000 tonnes in its first half year, 100,000 tonnes in each of the two subsequent years and approximately 70,000 tonnes last year, and the trickle of people leaving Sušuroy has stabilised.

Now the factory is being extended to be able to produce surimi from blue whiting and the location is key to this as Tvųroyri is only six to eight to hours from fishing grounds. According to Varšin Pelagic’s administration manager Tórhéšin Jensen, this means there can be a supply of suitable fresh blue whiting and they expect to have access to blue whiting for approximately one hundred days each year while the fish are present in Faroese waters.

Source: Fiskerforum