View Full Version : Heavy fines for Icelandic trawlers

Davie Tait
1st March 2016, 16:15

Three Icelandic trawlers have fallen foul of by-catch regulations in Norwegian waters as Coastguard inspections showed high levels of haddock in their cod catches, resulting in heavy fines.

Icelandic trawlers fishing in Norwegian waters are allowed to target cod only, with allowable levels of by-catch of other species, but in these cases the Icelandic skippers are suspected of fishing in areas on the FuglÝy Bank north-west of TromsÝ where they they can be sure of high haddock catches.

MŠnaberg ”F-42 was arrested last week, and at the weekend Kleifaberg RE-70, owned by Brim and Therney RE-101, owned by HB Grandi were inspected and suspiciously high volumes of haddock identified in their catches.

Norwegian coastguards are reported to have analysed vessel activity patterns to justify their suspicions.

Kleifaberg has been fined NOK380,000 and Therney received a NOK885,000 fine. The three trawlers are able to continue fishing in Norwegian waters but are likely to be watched closely during their remainder of their trips.

Source: Fiskerforum