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29th August 2008, 13:10
Can anyone assist with information or photo's of A115 Radiation around the late Fifties. I believe she was a line boat out of Abberdean I have a model of her built for my mother around 1956 while my uncle was at sea in her. I'll take some photo's and upload them when time permits.

29th August 2008, 13:34
If you go to Shipsnostalgia site,in the fishing boat gallery,type in Radiation and do a search,there are a few photos of her there

29th August 2008, 13:37
i have a listing for the radiation in an old olsens it reads as follows

radiation, a 115, official number 183858, 59 tons nett, 139 tons gross, 366 horse power, built 1957 in anstruther and owned by the radiation fishing co ltd in aberden.

hope this is useful

29th August 2008, 20:14
Quite about her in Gloria Wilsons book More Scottish Fishing Craft lot about her being built and dimensions of timber used. Also fair bit about her method of fishing(great lines) and her fishing grounds.

30th August 2008, 02:12
Thanks Guys for all the information supplied I'll be sure to do a bit more research. Not quite sure how it worked but I am told by my Grandmother that my Uncle owned his own lines that were shot from her and that formed part of the share.