View Full Version : Scots seafood stars in Singapore

Davie Tait
7th May 2015, 17:43

SCOTTISH seafood has taken to the global stage as an official partner of this year's Singapore World Gourmet Summit.

A number of key activities over April and May have encouraged leading chefs from all over the world to use the full range of quality Scottish seafood including shellfish, farmed fish, smoked salmon and whitefish boosting the international market potential for Scottish seafood.

Scottish seafood was used by chefs and connoisseurs throughout the Summit, including the Roca Brothers of the three Michelin-starred Girona's El Celler de Can Roca.

As well as supplying individual chefs for their own events, a series of showcase events shone a spotlight on Scottish seafood, including a whisky and seafood pairing event, and a special Scottish Seafood Week within Singapore's Marina Bay Financial Centre.

Having the best quality Scottish Seafood on offer was key to the success of Scotland's participation and has greatly influenced how people in this market think about sourcing seafood, as Edmund Toh, President of the Singapore Chefs Association, pointed out: "Scottish seafood is one of the premium seafoods, which is good news for connoisseurs and all the chefs in Singapore it's one of the best. The fresh product speaks for itself, and doesn't require much skill to prepare. So, I believe Scottish seafood will penetrate the market in Singapore."

Jimi Tegerdine, Executive chef at LeVel 33 (Singapore), reflected: "I'm sure not everyone will customarily get to taste or enjoy produce from Scotland. LeVel33 guests have been able to savour Scottish seafood prepared using simple techniques with its natural flavours being the critical element. The key is not to mask the stunning seafood it's the star of the show!"

Julien Royer, Chef de cuisine at Jaan, one of Asia's most highly rated restaurants, said: "We spend a lot of time sourcing quality ingredients because our cuisine is very much product driven. Provenance is important - knowing exactly who is growing the product, and how it's done. At the end of the day the quality will be better. I was pleasantly surprised at the quality of Scottish seafood and the experience of using it. It's a source that I haven't explored as much as I should have. The quality and clean-ness of the fish is what we are looking for, so I'm very happy to explore using more seafood from Scotland."

Neil McInnes, head of South East Asia for Scottish Development International, said in the run up to the Summit: "Chefs in this region are already aware that Scotland supplies some of the world's most sought-after produce from seafood to salmon, whisky to craft beers to high-end retailers and restaurants across the globe, and we are seeing increasing demand for our home-grown Scottish produce.

"World Gourmet Summit is the perfect platform for us to highlight why Scottish seafood is so desired by chefs; from those influential and much copied experienced chefs, to young chefs learning their trade."

Asia has become an increasingly important market for Scottish salmon in recent years as demand for luxury goods and produce continues to soar. Being part of such an influential event provides an ideal platform to target our key audience of high-end retailers, restaurants and diners who seek out premium, high quality ingredients that are endorsed by some of the world's tops chefs.

Asia has become an increasingly important export market for Scottish seafood and salmon in recent years as, throughout the region, there is rising demand for the highest quality, luxury produce amongst top chefs and their discerning customers. After France and the US, Singapore is Scotland's third largest food and drink export market, worth 331m annually (2013), with seafood by far the largest component of the food category.

Scott Landsburgh, chief executive of the Scottish Salmon Producers' Organisation, said: "Provenance is the unique selling point of Scottish salmon. Pristine, cold water, full traceability and strict production standards deliver unique flavours and textures that cannot be replicated. This is why Scottish salmon was voted 'best farmed salmon' in the world in an independent poll of international seafood buyers, for a second consecutive time last year.

"Asia is definitely an emerging market for Scottish salmon with the potential to unlock new business creating new jobs and ongoing investment for Scotland."