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30th March 2007, 09:32
hi all i am looking for some info on the alliance ins242 1949 ,incentive ins 1947, morayshire ins212 1948 arnhem, ocean gleaner they were all built at herd and mackezies and are sister boats any info photos would be greatfully appreciated the alliace worked out of oban in the 50s and 60s and was owened by george campbell and athur duthie & co and ended up in ireland ???????

30th March 2007, 10:00
If you pm me your e-mail Cruicky i will forward you some photos.

30th March 2007, 21:07
many thanks ally for your quick reply the photos were great you found more of that style of boat than i thought were out there though the alliance ins 242 and the arnhem are still eluding me orra best cruicky

mfv moray
12th September 2008, 18:44
Here are some pics of The Morayshire in the mouth of Faversham Creek taken a couple of weeks ago. She will be going to Standard Quay in Faversham to start a long restoration. Any Info or pictures would be greatly appreciated.

12th September 2008, 22:25
Here's a link to another site where you can see and learn more about all the boats you mentioned Cruicky. George Campbell of the Alliance's son is a moderator over there called Jim Andromeda.