View Full Version : Norwegian exports down 8%

Davie Tait
4th February 2015, 17:50

NORWAY exported seafood worth NOK 5.4 billion in January, a strong performance despite being down 8 per cent compared to January 2014.

"Exports of seafood in January 2015 were well above normal for this month. Compared to our record figures at the start of 2014, which was partly driven by the early start of the skrei season, we have seen a decline in exports in January this year. However we should also note that specialist foods such as bacalhau perforned very well in January and have broken records. We see that the Brazilians are gearing up for the Easter celebrations, traditionally based on Norwegian clipfish," says Geir Bakkevoll, Communications Director at the Norwegian Seafood Council.

Due to the later start of skrei season, exports of fresh cod, including fillets, fell by NOK 33 million or 14 per cent year-on-year, totalling NOK 200 million. We have now introduced our own product code for skrei, which is included in the above numbers. Skrei exports in January were approximately NOK 17 million by value, and 425 tonnes by weight. For frozen cod, exports halved to an export value of NOK 143 million. The EU is the biggest importer of frozen cod, accounting for NOK 102 million by value.

Salmon exports in January were worth NOK 3.5 billion. This represents small decrease of NOK 143 million, or 4 per cent, compared to January 2014. The price for fresh whole salmon dropped from NOK 48.87 per kg to NOK 44.87 per kg. Overall volume remains at the same levels as last year, totalling 74,000 tonnes. France, Poland and the UK were the biggest export markets for Norwegian salmon.

Trout exports in January fell by 38 per cent, totalling NOK 126 million. Thailand was the biggest market for trout in January.

Herring exports totalled NOK 208 million, a decrease of NOK 171 million or 45 per cent compared to January last year. Poland and Germany were the main markets for herring in January.

Mackerel exports fell by NOK 60 million, or 23 per cent in January, to a total of NOK 198 million. Netherlands was the biggest importer of mackerel with a market value of NOK 30 million.

Exports of clipfish increased by NOK 145 million or 49 per cent in January to a total of NOK 444 million. Brazil was the biggest market in January with a value of NOK 291 million.

Exports of salted fish increased in January by NOK 7 million to reach a total of NOK 39 million. Greece was our biggest market for salted fish, importing NOK 14 million worth of salted fish in January.