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28th July 2008, 14:12
I am new to the trawler photos site,only just found it out.I once worked on a trawler out of Rye called "kingfisher" registered as rx280 back around 1979 1984.She was taken away to Faversham by the bank and i havent seen her since.Does anyone know if she still exists and if so what is sh doing and where?Please add some photos if you see her.Once involved with trawlers you never forget them,I am thinking about renovating an old derelict trawler for a passtime. Many thanks Jon

martin johns
28th July 2008, 17:51
Hi Jon,
Kingfisher became Sheeca - SN 65.
Photo of her here :- http://www.trawlerphotos.co.uk/gallery/showphoto.php?photo=8670
I've got a feeling she was de-commissioned in the nineties but one of the lads from the North East or Scotland will know more.
Do you have any photos of the Kingfisher from when she fished out of Rye ?

29th July 2008, 15:39
thanks for the info,i dont have photos as i was too lowly to own a camera back then but i will trawl the locals and my ex skippers family and see what i can find.she has been modified but only insofar as the white cover on the back and some kind of gear mounted in between the rear trawl lifting beams..any idea of exactly where she is now please?sorry should have realised when you said de-commisioned that she is a house boat now.didnt look too hard at the pic.

1st August 2008, 22:15
when the kingfisher came to north shields every one said she was a strange one, and she didnt have many fans, now all of the boats are mor or less copies of her design and lay out which goes to prove fow far ahead she really was,
when joso sold the bennisan he bought her and changed her name to the sheeca which stands for the name of his family, (sonja, hazel, ejnar,ejnar,christian, and allison) crewed and worked her with the father and son, and i have to say she was a joy to work, she was so easy, she sank in the gut in north shields in 1988 due to a leak in the stern gland and was raised within three days (i have some photos somewhere and will post them when i find them) i had a great affection for that boat, bless her little gardner heart
i left her when she went to hl as the old man moved down there.
i last saw her in eyemouth when i was up on the radiant way
and she looked horrible, with the cut down wheelhouse i hardly recognised her.
but for a plywood boat she was safe as houses in any weather

2nd August 2008, 07:55
i will always remember being out in a force nine gale with waves as big as houses and not even getting seasick.she rode the seas with glee.as you rightly say,advanced for her time.the chap gthat designed and built her now runs a fish farm in scotland or north east england.i guess the 6lxb gardner has been replaced now?

Fil Ebz
26th May 2010, 20:06
Ejnar Josefsen is my uncle. Here sre some pictures for you to enjoy.
And if you are who i think you are SN21 you may recognise my ugly mug on the bow

7th June 2010, 12:37
you guessed right fil. long time no see mate