View Full Version : Long Term Security of Photogrpahic Database

11th July 2008, 15:10
Perhaps a stupid question but what if the www.trawlerphotos.co.uk web site was to close down or become unavailable what would happen to the vast database of pictures that has already been bulit up of mainly UK and Irish fishing vessels. Would this record, which incidently is expanding daily, be lost or would the photographs be offered elsewhere to keep the record intact? If so where would they be offered to - National Maritime Museum - Fisheries Museum in Anstruther or where?


12th July 2008, 11:30
The website is only a host for the photos so if something was to happen we could not , legally , pass on the photos to anyone else. The photos remain the members copyright and as we do not even think of asking for shared copyright if a member asks for all of their photos to be removed then as a policy that is what will happen.

Do not worry the site is on good standing just now and we do not foresee any problems that could lead to the site closing.