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martin johns
7th June 2008, 22:54
Does anyone know anything of Star of Faith - UL 228, a 38ft Port Seton (yard unknown) built scalloper/trawler. She was in Plymouth up until 1984 when her owner replaced her. I don't know where she went or what happened to her. When in Plymouth she was lightish blue with a fairly big grained aft wheelhouse. Her warps were worked through gunwhale mounted seining rollers rather than a gantry. If anyone has any photos of her, all the better.

8th June 2008, 12:42
Last I remember of her is towing her in about 1980 in the Golden Dawn after a bad batch of fuel blocked everyones fuel filters. Within 20 mins of leaving the harbour everyone just judered to a halt.
Tardis, Ard Patrick, S of F, Bosloe and others all needed towing in it was complete chaos.:p

8th June 2008, 16:29
there was a Star of Faith came up here to the moray firth to fish for scallops, from the south coast of England .she was about 38 ft .think the skipper name was John Angus or similar to that .he was from Kinlochbervie but stayed in Plymouth .anyway she sunk about 2 miles east of Helmsdale in th Moray Firth.

8th June 2008, 17:48
Must be the same boat, fairly large aft wheel house/galley she was sacallopping from Plymouth whilst she was here

8th June 2008, 22:57
light blue in colour. aft wheelhouse . there was a few big scallop came up here that time. one of the big scallop boats was towing him when she sank. crew where all off by that time

martin johns
12th June 2008, 22:37
Thanks both for all the info. A pity she was lost. I remember that incident with the diesel Daz. My Dad had a dose of it too.
If I remember the quayside tanks had been allowed to get very low & everyone had a load of water & sh#t.

13th June 2008, 17:20
Star of Faith LH77 was the first build from the newly formed Weatherhead & Blackie yard at port Seton in 1958. Later sold to Kinlochbervie becoming UL228.