View Full Version : An new "old salt on board"

28th May 2008, 00:19
Since I didn't find a place to say hello,
I'm going to introduce myself right now and right here,
here I go:

Twenty years from now
I'll be more disappointed
by the seas that I didn't sail
and the beers that I didn't drink
So I thew off my bowlines long ago
to explorer and discover off-shore
and to get stoned in Honky-tonks

Although I'm neither English speakers nor trawler man, but Spanish tug-man,
I'm way caught up by your neverending turnaround in the sea.

Being Spaniard you could think what a hell this guy is supposed to do with.
Well, the sea is the sea for work or yachting, in war or in peace. And just I can see there's the same problems here and there.

So that's my aim just to have a look out in your waving daily routine, as long as fish keep on rolling neath tumbling waters.

Good luck and large catch :)