View Full Version : Norway Conservative election victory could herald new fishing policy

Davie Tait
10th September 2013, 18:37
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NORWAY today has a new centre right government which could see a change of emphasis in the country's fishing policy.

The Labour administration of Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg has admitted general election defeat and the Conservative leader Ms Erna Solberg will take over in the next month. The Conservative coalition parties have won 96 of the 169 seats in the Oslo Parliament.

While immigration was one of the main issues, the victory is likely to be welcomed by the country's fishing industry which has been critical of some aspects of the outgoing Labour government's policy. It also means there will be a new fisheries minister to replace Lisbeth Berg Hansen, who currently holds the post. However, it is unlikely that Norway will substantially change its policy towards Iceland and the Faroe Islands over mackerel and herring quotas.

Just before the election yesterday, the outgoing Oslo government provided over NOK 85 million (kroners) to help boost the Norwegian cod industry. The funding, announced by Lisbeth Berg-Hansen, will be used to help improve marketing, product development, quality initiatives and research. Around NOK 30 million will be spent this year, with a further NOK 50 million plus included in the budget for 2014.

Great emphasis will be placed on promoting line caught cod which will receive NOK 21 million because it is generally regarded within the industry as producing better quality fish than if it is caught by trawl nets.

The Norwegian Seafood Council will receive at least NOK 10 million towards increasing its marketing efforts with a further NOK 5 million to be spent on long term strategic marketing. A further NOK 15 million will go to Norway's Food safety authority while some NOK 10 million will be spent on research.