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26th February 2007, 08:15

3rd February 2008, 17:11
Cannot believe the detail and quality of work put into this model, the description with each photo is a nice touch as well. Credit to the builder,bet the original Muirneag didn't take so many hours to build!!!

4th February 2008, 07:48
Edgar March in 'Sailing Drifters' received information from Mr. William McIntosh of Portessie who had commenced work in his father's yard (Ianstown) in 1894.
He recalls building a Zulu took around eight weeks, costing the buyer 500 for the hull & spars.

A lot longer to build the model then Donald. I'm sure the model is at the museum at Stornoway.

Michael Leek
3rd November 2008, 19:30
McFlett: you are correct; the model is in Stornoway. Gordon Williams, the model builder, has recently had published the first of a two- or three-part article on the construction of his model of Muirneag. The article was in Model Shipwright (a quaterly journal for scale ship model making), published in September, and is more detailed than the description on the website.