View Full Version : Thalassa TV5 MONDE Sky 825

22nd April 2008, 23:16
If any bodys interested there is a very good maritime programme broadcasted each Tuesday evening at 9.35 Irish time by France'sTV5 Monde. There are numerous topics each week with excellent footage etc. the channel is Sky 825. Unfortunatly there are no subtitles but the topics and camera work more than makes up for that!

quiet waters
24th April 2008, 22:24
not on my sky+ its not, its a channel called GEO News and theres no program on a tuesday fishing related. have you got the channel number correct?,

had a look elsewhere and now i've found it TV5 channel 799 and its on at 8pm on tuesday night, well spotted tho, will give it a looksee, it's about time we had a fishing related program on a regular basis, farmers get it every week, i'm going to lobby BBC Scotland for the job of presenter, a damn sight more interesting than stories about bloody yows every sunday, thats when my weekend used to end, soon as the farmers cast came on it was "where are we going to go tomorrow?" sunday ruined with thoughts of work, happened every week.

25th April 2008, 10:23
yes Ireland and the Uk have slightly different channel numbers our national channels are from 100+ so it would explain the differences numbers in numbers. The time you said is prob right as it was an apx time i gave!

quiet waters
25th April 2008, 15:58
didn't know that, still didn't know the pro was on either so thats two things i've learned this week, an improvement on last week when i learned nothing, and forgot plenty, maybe i'm on a roll?

watchin it now at 3am, man utd game took priority, puzzled as to what benefit the presenter is getting fae his red scarf worn outside a big coat in the russian artic?