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Davie Tait
13th May 2013, 15:34

This scheme is open to vessels and crew who are actively fishing under a current fishing licence administered by Marine Scotland.

To be eligible for a free Personal Flotation Device (PFD), each crew member must have completed all mandatory safety training. Below, each crew member must provide details of certificate numbers for courses attended. (Please note that these details may be verified by checking the Seafish database).

Data protection: personal details and records of training undertaken will be stored on the project database. We may contact you after you have received your PFD to find out how useful it has been and how it has helped you work more safely. Put an X in the box if you do not wish to be contacted.

You are required to keep the Personal Flotation Device and ensure good working order for at least 5 years from the date of receipt. You may be subject to one or more audit inspections over that period; failure to present the allocated PFD at that point could require repayment of the applicable market rate for the device.

Adobe Reader is required to open this form. PC users can fill out the form on screen before printing and signing.

Please send your completed application to:-

PFD Project
Scottish Fishermen’s Federation
24 Rubislaw Terrace
AB10 1XE

Please click here (http://sff.co.uk/sites/default/files/PFD_application_form_final_v3.pdf) to download the PFD application form.

For any enquiries relating to the PFD please email: pfd@sff.co.uk