View Full Version : Galway skipper secures BIM funds

Davie Tait
25th April 2013, 16:34

Rahoon man, Thomas Conneely, recently became Galway’s latest recipient of BIM grant-aid after he successfully secured vessel funding from BIM’s Fleet Modernisation Scheme.

Thomas’s “Ocean Harvester II” received grant-aid to assist with the ongoing implementation of his onboard seafood environmental, quality and handling systems.

Commenting on his BIM grant-aid, Thomas said: “This BIM funding is very welcome. These are difficult times for everyone not least for the local fishing community here in Galway. This aid will be put to good use. I would like to acknowledge BIM’s active commitment to helping and supporting the local community in Galway. “

Commenting for BIM, local area officer, Peter Tyndall said: "BIM is committed to working in partnership with members of the local community like Thomas. The Fleet Modernisation Scheme is just one of the many ways BIM and Galway’s coastal community can come together to actively protect and support sustainable local employment.

“The Scheme encourages skippers to employ onboard technologies and systems that will guarantee the delivery of quality seafood. Consumers not only expect but increasingly choose to purchase traceable, responsibly sourced and environmentally sustainable products at a rate that is only accelerating. BIM will continue to assist Galway’s local community to play their vital role in meeting this consumer demand which guarantees sustainable employment opportunities for local skippers present and future.”

The Fleet Modernisation Scheme provides financial support to the owners of registered operational commercial fishing vessels. The Fleet Modernisation Scheme is provided under the Fleet Development Measure of the National Development Plan 2007-13 and is co-funded through the European Fisheries Fund (EFF).