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Davie Tait
3rd April 2013, 15:56
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GREY seals are presenting Danish fishermen with a major headache and are no longer regarded as a minor inconvenience, says the Danish Fishermen's Association.

The association says that the scale of the problem is particularly acute in the Baltic and is now so large that many fishermen are having trouble in making any money, especially those who cast their nets close to the coast to catch cod.

In a statement, the Association said: "Whereas maybe last year was mostly a problem for fishermen around Bornholm,( where the increase in numbers is especially marked) and out of southern Zealand, the problem with seals is now virtually everywhere. the vast majority of grey seals are 'immigrants' from elsewhere.

Michael Anderson, a biologist and senior consultant working with Danish Fishermen said: ". They eat cod directly from the nets; they are destroying yarn and have either eaten or scared cod off before they reach the good fishing grounds.

The result is that the fishermen are now facing economic difficulties. The fishermen are now urging the Danish Food Minister Mette Gjerskov to take the seal problem serious and do something to help the fishing industry. "It gets worse with every passing day," they argue. They want the current seal management plan revised without the need for a seal population head count.

From southern Zealand it is reported that 60-70 per cent of the cod is now either being torn out of the nets by seals or they are being mutilated, which means they cannot be landed or sold. In other places up to 30 per cent of the cod is being bitten or mutilated.

Around the Bornholm region, for example, is also not only cod, which are eaten by seals - salmon are being devoured in the same way too especially in the Baltic where the fishermen report that there is no longer either cod or salmon to be had in what were once regarded as good fishing areas. The Bornholm area has seen more and more seals in the last 4-5 years,. Mr Andersen said there are now so many seals that fishermen are struggling to make any sort of a reasonable living.

A mass of grey seals is also being found in the Danish part of the Wadden Sea where they come up from the south, from the German-Dutch Wadden Sea, says researchers. Some think the seals are being attracted by the increase in cod stocks. Jonas Teilmann from the National Centre for Environment and Energy in Aarhus thinks that numbers may have grown so large that they are moving to other parts to find space and food.

Davie Tait
3rd April 2013, 15:58
Seals eat between 4 and 5 Tonnes of fish a year and spoil ( by taking a single bite and leaving the fish dead ) much more , they take far far more fish out of the sea than the commercial fishing industry could YET our politicians refuse to even talk about the subject , seems that Seals are "cute" therefore the fishing industry is expendable !!!