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7th April 2008, 22:02
here is my technology to scratch build an aluminium nozzle, . Cylindrical form is made with a machine that i build for this work. this machine can bow plates or tubes. Next stage building soon!
KÚnavo, Philippe.

martin johns
8th April 2008, 17:08
I see you are making it the proper way Vivaldi.
I have made them in the past using drawings from Kort but rather than your method I have turned them from solid brass or steel. Very easy & cheap to do (as long as you have the metal-working know-how & a lathe). Aluminium could also be used.
The weight of a solid Kort nozzle is not a problem on a model boat, just use a little bit less ballast in the finished model & the internal profile ends up perfect so the nozzle really works, although I never tested the bollard pull. :D

8th April 2008, 22:22
Hi Martin,

I dont understand all that you wrote, sorry!

my nozzle measures 100mm diameter, and I do not have the good diameter of tube to turned it out. Also, I have to adopt this process. But the following nozzles, which is smaller will be turned.

I filled the interior of the nozzle with mastic after to have fixed it
with pieces of wood, it will remain to sandpaper.

KÚnavo, Philippe.

martin johns
8th April 2008, 23:11
The biggest one I made was for a 60mm diameter propellor.
The nozzle started off as 75mm diameter mild steel bar.

9th April 2008, 08:06
I didn't try to make nozzle on steel, but a friend make it with a car piston. the heavy weigth is very good for ballast, and its model boat have very good stability.
The nozzle that I make will be for the model of the trawler MABON II. This is a static model, therefore I n 'have not need of weight.