View Full Version : Goodwill BM 128 & Donna Capel BM 142

7th April 2008, 14:05
Any info on these 2 conversions appreciated, especially if anyone knows if they are about. Both ex Belgian vessels build in the early 40's. Donna Capel was converted at Falmouth circa 1977, and Goodwill at Plymouth approx 15 years ago. Both turned into yachts. Thank you again for all answers to my queries, very much appreciated.

15th January 2010, 15:36
Donna Capel : Off.No;303434, Built 1943,Ostend.BM.142. Belg.Name "Francois Hubert", No; O.125.Owned by Wm.H.Capel until (Known) 1963 . 1979 (Could be earlier) owned by Mr.&.Mrs. Dean, Totnes. 2005 Remanis spotted in Mylor Creek, Falmouth. It is not one of my lies.:confused:

20th March 2010, 06:01
Thank you Dusty.....I was hoping to try and obtain photos of them....Donna Capel is scheduled to take part in the PLymouth classic boat show in July, so I will have an opportunity there......Goodwill seems to have dropped off the radar.

20th June 2014, 18:44
DONNA CAPEL at Falmouth on 11th June 2014